Readymade system

We have all features & functionalities ready that suit your needs, and are configurable with just a few clicks.

No IT knowledge required

Our complete solution covers more than just hardware and software, we will handle the IT system maintenance altogether.

Save development cost

It is almost immediate to have your own system ready. Saving your development time and with reasonable cost.

Features to run your business



Expand your business market coverage.

Readymade MLM Payout System

Wide varieties of readymade MLM payout calculation for you to select with just a few clicks.

Multiple Wallet

Supports up to 6 wallets with your own naming convention.

Online eCommerce System

User-friendly product landing page that let your customers browse online effortlessly.

Integrated Social Media

Referral bonus through social media link sharing, linked to affiliate system.

Members Management

Reset member password, admin bypass access to members' login view, wallet adjustment.

SMS/WhatsApp Notification

Improve your customers' experience, such as Order received notification or announcement.

WhatsApp Auto Response System

Let automated bot become your first level of support to reduce your workload.

Affiliate System

One of the best way to improve your sales with zero cost.

Payment Gateway

Integrated with well-known payment gateway providers.

Multiple Price Type

Support multiple pricing for you products. E.g. Distributor price, Agent price, Reseller price.

Inventory System

Easy way to manage your product with stock reporting.

API Ready

Enable the integration of our system easily to improve your customers' experience.

KYC Management

Know Your Customer is essential for keeping your customer relationship closer.

Hierarchy Viewer

Clearer view and easy understanding of customers relationship as well as keeping track of customers using hierarchy tree chart.

Support various devices view

Support mobile view, tablet view and desktop view to improved your user experience.

Highly expandable system

System developed with latest technologies, which can be easily expanded and maintain the performance in database growth.

Product maintenance system

Goods sold to customer along with support services. Greatly improved your customer satisfaction.